Episode #28: Shifting to Empowered Action to Grow Your Dream Business


What if you could know how to turn your ambitious dreams to reality?  Imagine scaling your business in ways you never imagined possible.  


“There is always a way.”  ~ Shelagh Cummins


On today’s show, we are so excited to speak today’s guest Shelagh Cummins, strategic business coach and founder of ‘The Road To Seven’, about helping women shift to empowered action to bring their businesses closer to their ambitious dreams.  Be prepared to be inspired into action today!


Shelagh Cummins is the CEO and Founder of The Road to Seven - a global leader in helping empower women entrepreneurs to turn their ambitious dreams into reality and grow a profitable business that delivers freedom and fulfillment.  Through content, coaching, community and capital, Shelagh and her team have an unwavering belief in the impact and influence of women entrepreneurs on society, on the economy and on the advancement of humankind.

Episode highlights:

  • Hear Shelagh’s inspiring story about her career, how she went from being a teacher, a mom, a blogger, a course designer, an MC, a tutor, to a highly successful strategic business coach.
  • Insights on the rebrand to ‘The Road to Seven’, the inspiration behind it and what to consider when considering a brand refresh.
  • Recommendations for shifting into empowered action with tangible steps to start applying today to scale and grow your business:
    • Start with a vision
    • Define your strategic priorities
    • Ask for help
    • Don’t do it all
  • Keys for successfully overcoming obstacles to be more productive


Tune into the full episode for more insights and tips on how to shift to empowered action to bring their businesses closer to their ambitious dreams.


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