Episode #26: 5 Steps for Maintaining Your Website After Launch

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Erin Dean Williams, Brand and Web Design Strategist

Today we are talking about maintaining your website and more specifically I am going to give you 5 steps that you can implement today. 

I’m sure we can all relate to landing on a website and it’s immediately obvious it’s been neglected. Perhaps the promotion is for Christmas and it’s now summer, or the featured blog post is dated from last year. It doesn’t leave the best impression and in fact can make your potential customer wonder if you are still in business . Although it may not seem like a big deal the truth is people associate the quality of your product or service with how your website looks and the experience they have navigating through it.


Episode highlights:

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Step 1 is to set aside time in your calendar either bi-weekly or once a month for website maintenance. Be sure to download the template provided here as a free resource to plan your time accordingly.

Step 2  is to review and update your website content. Aside from adding new content make sure to remove anything that is out of date or redundant.  

Step 3 is to refresh your imagery, treat yourself to a branding photoshoot or invest in some beautiful stock photography that is contextual to your content.

Step 4  is creating some marketing strategies that will increase traffic, your email list and conversions.


Step number five improve your SEO (which will also be supported in the first 4 steps) by researching and using keywords throughout your content.


I am certain that if you use this 5 step process to maintain your website you will see an increase in  traffic and  conversions and growth your business and a better experience for your customers.



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