Episode #10: Elevating Your Brand With Commercial Photography

Trina Turl of Clio & Fox

In today’s show of the Sunrise Brand Collective, we welcome Trina Turl, a Commercial photographer for major publications and corporate applications and founder of our favourite stock photography website Clio and Fox.   She’s here to talk about her journey and how to elevate your brand through commercial photography.


We talk through:

  • How Trina Got Started in Commercial Photography
  • The types of Commercial Photography and what Trina loves to shoot
  • Tips for successfully planning a commercial photoshoot for your business
  • Insights on whether to DIY or hire a professional when it comes to commercial photography for your business
  • The importance of showing the face behind the business
  • The vision and mission behind Clio and Fox and the inspiration behind the visual branding you see today.  


“If you have an idea that just won’t go away… just do it!  That was what Clio and Fox was for me.” ~ Trina Turl


Top Highlights:

Trina shares the Things to consider when planning a Commercial photoshoot for your business:

  • Have a goal - know how you’re going to use your images because that effects how we shoot them
  • How will you use the images - sales, social media, whole sale…. How do you envision where your business is going with these?
  • Budget - have something in mind so you know how much you’re spending. There are other parts of the shoot to incorporate such as props, rentals, models, etc.
  • Hire someone - who has experience to help you plan your shoot and who understands small businesses. 

"The connection between client and photographer really important… makes it a better creative experience for everyone." ~Trina Turl


Tune into the full episode for detailed insights and tips on how to elevate our brand through commercial photography.


Get in touch with Trina at:

  • Website: https://www.trinaphoto.com/
  • Website: https://clioandfox.com/

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