Episode #7: Leveraging a Podcast to Evolve your Brand

Emily Milling Podcast Rocket Course

Hello friends and welcome to another episode of the Sunrise Brand Collective, we are so excited to have our guest Emily Milling, Founder, The Ultimate Creative - to talk about how you can Evolve Your Brand and Business with a Podcast.

Emily has produced, hosted, and taught others how to podcast, focusing on strategic brand and content. A comedy podcast junkie herself, she has helped multiple brands earn over $20k annually with their podcasts.

Leveraging a Podcast to Evolve your Brand

People can connect on a deeper level and share more information than a social media post. A podcast is a good addition to marketing mix to amplify sales funnel to get more people who would love working with you. A podcast helps to build trust, it is another touch-point. With a podcast, you can do so much more and connect to people on a deeper level because you can adjust to their learning styles

Getting started with a podcast

One of the biggest barriers to starting a podcast is knowing where to begin! The key is just to start! Great way to start getting comfortable with audio is t o grab your phone and record a 10 minute audio. Get used to the sound of your voice! You hear your own voice differently than other people. Tech is a common hurdle - all you need is a microphone and a computer to record your audio… OR… sign up for Emily’s free mini course, how to start a podcast.

Advice for business owners

There’s a misconception that you need a sponsor to start a podcast. It used to be 1000 downloads minimums to make $10… now it’s thousands! What you have to understand is that the shift is away from having a sponsor. Instead, I recommend using your podcast to promote your own products and services. Put a promo at the beginning or the end about your offer. Drive them through your sales funnel and get them to where you want them to go.

Listen to the full episode for more insight and tips on how a podcast can help your business and how to generate a list of podcast topics to start with.

Links mentioned in the episode:
Free Mini Course - How to Start a Podcast - https://theultimatecreative.com/startapodcast
The Podcast Rocket Course: https://theultimatecreative.com/podcast-rocket

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Website: https://theultimatecreative.com/
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