Episode #2: Five Reasons Why a Website is Essential For Business

Five reasons why a website is essential for business

Today we dive into website strategy and why a website is one of the most effective ways for a small business to stand out in a busy online space - and where to begin. These key insights are gathered from co-host Erin Dean Williams, a Creative Director and User Experience Designer with over 10 years experience designing websites and brands for both large corporations and smaller start ups. 

Erin shares the top five reasons why a website helps businesses stand out in a busy online space:

  1. Social Media Platforms Own Your Content. I’m not saying don’t leverage your social media properties but we must remember that these platforms own your content and decide when and how to share it. You are ultimately creating content for them, helping their bottom lines and platforms shine. The exposure can be great but I would argue it should not take priority over your own website.
  2. Your Website Gives you Control. You decide the user experience, narrative, and messaging your potential customers see. Your website content such as blogs and other resources, bring people to your website by increasing your SEO (helping you get found through Google searches) and building your authority and credibility. You can create offers, discounts, and content that bring value to your audience and drive sales.
  3. Your Website Builds Your Mailing List. They say people have to come in contact with a brand at least 7x before buying or engaging with their services. Having a great lead magnet, or newsletter opt-in offer will help you build your email list, and by leveraging email marketing, you can share valuable content and offers through email keeping you and your brand top of mind. 
  4. A Good Website Works for You. Creating a website with a strong content strategy will answer basic questions about your service offerings, brand and business ethos, and products 24 hours a day! Structuring your content properly will help deflect unnecessary calls and emails by helping people independently find the answers they are looking for online.
  5. A Website Is Expected. People expect you to have a website and when you don’t they will most likely do business with your competitor who does.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about website strategy and how to get started with building a website that is best for your business goals.  Your online presence is your digital ID and we believe that it is the foundation that must be set up properly in order for a business to grow.   

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