Episode #1: Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

In this episode, meet your co-hosts, Nathalie and Erin, in the first episode of the Sunrise Collective Podcast, a show for those who have a business or are thinking of starting a business. This is the podcast you’ve been waiting for as we will be setting your business up for success and increased revenue by sharing the tools you need to give your brand a boost.

What can you expect from the weekly episodes?

We will talk about all things branding.  You can expect to receive tangle tips to apply to up-level your visual branding, be inspired by real-life stories about brand journeys, interviews with industry experts who will share their zones of genius, and so much positive energy and vibes just radiating into you!  


What is branding?

Branding encompasses so many elements that all contribute to both your personal growth and your business growth.  It’s the emotional connection and experience that someone makes with your brand.  It’s making people feel understood and that you can help solve a problem or need that they have.  And so much of it relates to how YOU show up, it’s all connected.  At Sunrise we break it down into the Sunrise BRAND pillars of: 1) Business, 2) Insight, 3) Energy  


About Co-Host Nathalie and her Entrepreneurial Journey

Nathalie is a Brand Strategist and Photographer and shares her story about becoming an entrepreneur following a 17-year career working at the big banks in Toronto as a Project Management Professional.  She is now the owner of Pictonat Photography and co-founder of Sunrise Brand Studio, helping business owners showcase what lights them up and make an impact with a wholesome branding solution.


About Co-Host Erin and her Entrepreneurial Journey

Erin is an expert in Brand and Web Design, owner of Erin Den Williams Design, and co-founder of Sunrise Brand Studio. She shares her experience designing websites apps and brands for both large corporations and smaller startups for over 10 years. I’ve worked with big brands such as Kobo, Fido, Sprint, AT&T. She spent 3 years of my journey as an entrepreneur creating and designing an organic kids' clothing line that was all organic cotton all ethically made here in Toronto Canada.

 Listen to the full episode to learn more about how Erin and Nathalie met, what their goals are for their partnership in the Sunrise Brand Studio, and the significance of what the podcast name 'Sunrise Brand Collective' means to them!

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