Episode #15: The Power of Storytelling

The Power Of Storytelling with Twist Light

Title: The Power of Storytelling

Hello friends and welcome to another episode of the Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast, we are so excited to speak to today’s guest professional speaker and storytelling expert. Alyssa Twist Light who goes by the name of Twist.

Twist  helps businesses grow by utilizing the power of storytelling in every aspect of their operations, especially marketing. 

She does it on the spot. Right there. With business owners and sales people she’s never met before, Twist asks a few questions and like magic comes up with marketing design, hashtags, positioning, value props, and branding. 

Her most recent success outside of her speaking work is Social Innovation Monthly, an offline subscription of social media “recipe cards” that help businesses engage in more powerful and consistent storytelling. 

Twist has spoken at Landscape Ontario’s Congress, Ontario Irrigation Conference, CreativFestival, Halton Police Service, Go Camp Pro, Social Tenacity, HortEast, and the Ontario Camp Association among others. A self proclaimed lover of conferences, Twist’s mission is to make event planners look like superheroes and delegates feel like rockstars. 

She has also been a guest on dozens of podcasts, including The 6 Figure Events Podcast, Authentic Influencer, Service Business Mastery, and Podcast Domination.

Tune into the full episode for detailed insights and tips on bringing to live a business idea.

Episode highlights:

  • How Twist started her business
  • How you use storytelling to help businesses with their marketing strategy.
  • About Twist’s brand vibe, colours and where the inspiration came from
  • Insights and lessons learned to share for for new businesses starting out:

Twist shares her insights and lessons learned that have led to the success of her business:

  • Don’t do things by yourself
  • Move your needle forward as quickly as you need it to move
  • Be who you are and have a business, takes time to figure things out
  • Do business with people who align with your values.

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