Episode #12: Define Your Brand Vibe

Erin Dean Williams, Brand and Web Design Strategist

Episode Summary:

On today’s show of the Sunrise Brand Collective, Co-host and Web and Brand Design Strategist Erin Dean Williams dives into defining your brand vibe. 

We talk through:

  • What a brand vibe is
  • How visuals compliment your brand vibe
  • Creating the foundation for your brand
  • Your what and your why
  • The feelings behind your brand
  • Identify and talking to your Muse 

Your brand vibe is what will attract your ideal customer, keep them engaged, and create connections and conversions.  It is your expression of your authentic self and uniqueness that will set you apart from others.” ~ Erin Williams

Tune into the full episode for detailed insights and tips on how to elevate your brand and define your vibe.

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